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Our apps protect your most important private files, photos and videos in any situation.
Powered by AES CTR encryption

LockMyPix Photo Vault


Photo Vault and Video Vault to hide your private stuff with ease. Powered by AES CTR encryption. LockMyPix makes sure that your privates are always safe. Simple and powerful.

Privary File Vault


A vault for everything. Privary encrypts any file with powerful AES CTR encryption. Ready for your private stuff and business files combined with a range of important features. Security that seeks its equal.

powerful but simple

Whether you are professional or not, our apps guarantee privacy in a few seconds

True encryption
Where other apps fail ours provide true AES CTR encryption for each imported photo, video and file. Not just military grade..
Photo Vault
Both LockMyPix and Privary provide a secure photo vault to keep your private gallery secret in any situation.
Video Vault
Put your videos right next to your photos. LockMyPix and Privary can store unlimited videos in your private video vault.
File Vault
Get Privary if you want to keep any file secret. It's file vault can store unlimited files. Even Excel, AutoCad or Adobe Photoshop. Just everything! Open your secret files at any time or share directly from your vault.
Folders and Subfolders
Organize your private gallery with as many folders as you like. And what would folders be without subfolders? Nothing, yap! Both LockMyPix and Privary can handle unlimited folders and subfolders.
Fake Vault

Create a decoy fake vault to be ready if someone forces you to open your vault. May your wife or boyfriend? Well, the fake vault will open a completely different vault but only you know the secret.

Full SD-Card support

Move your entire vault to the sd-card and free up the internal storage. Just one click and everything will be stored on your card. You can change that again at any time with just another click.

Fingerprint Support

Open your private vault by Password, PIN, Pattern AND Fingerprint. Our apps use the Android Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) to keep your fingerprint data in your phones intergrated hardware wallet.

Features 3.0

Take a look into the settings to make adjustment as you like and use the advanced settings to make detailed changes for your private vault. Use the design section to control the appearance and much more...

Get your Privacy

Start protecting your private photos, videos and files.
It's Free!

Available for your android smartphone directly on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

It's all about security!

It's too easy for hackers to gain access to your phone. Installing a dangerous app unknowingly is enough to spy on your data. Or just lose your device! True protection comes from encryption and that's what our apps are all about. Without any backdoors like many other apps have and truly encrypted.

Your Password. Your Vault. Your Privacy.

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