Outstanding photo and video vault

Stop getting snooped with real AES encrypted photo & video vault


Securely encrypt any kind of photos and videos on your smartphone and tablet powered by AES encryption

LockMyPix on Google Play


Professional photo vault and video vault powered by AES CTR encryption with automated cloud backup

Privary on Google Play

Data encryption for all

Did you know that every day thousands of people are victims of data theft ?

LockMyPix and Privary are specifically designed for images and videos. AES encryption is also used by banks to store customer data on a secure way. We use these encryption for the important images and videos from our users. Our apps protect you against data espionage or prying eyes of friends, husband, wife, children or work colleagues. Get LockMyPix to securely protect your private photos and videos. With many useful features LockMyPix is the best safe for all hobby photographers, parents want to protect the images of their childrens and passionate couples. You put all the highest value on data security? Privary is the best safe for you with AES CTR encryption and automated cloud backups. You decide which app is better suited to you. Secure your important photos and videos today, because you never know what happens tomorrow...


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